Monday, March 16, 2015

Chafing in Cheltenham - Mar. 16, 2015

Hey Family!!

 Guess what?! I got transferred! It's a little bit weird being somewhere else but change is fun. I am now serving in Cheltenham which is the southern part of our mission. It is amazing! It is a pretty posh area so very different from Dudley. Everyone is dressed really nicely, the houses are insane, and the cars are incredible. This week was especially crazy because it was horse racing week. There was drunk people everywhere! At all hours of the day! We had to change our schedule around a little bit because of it but this week should go back to normal. The ward here is awesome! There are around 200 members and about half of them are from America. It's pretty great :) Most of them work for the U.S government and they go on three year tours to different parts of the world. Pretty cool! Also, guess who my new companion is? Sister Lee!! She's the one from Elder McFarland's mission. I was flippin' out when I found out that we would be serving together. How crazy is that?! It is a little bit difficult because she doesn't speak English very well and I have to explain things again or talk slower but so far it's been pretty good. 
  Cheltenham is also a biking area. At first I was pretty excited because I had been wanting to bike for a long time. I've changed my mind. haha. I am SO sore!! I got my bike from Sister Eldredge who just went home, and it ended up being in worse shape than I thought. The back tire wobbled and the brakes didn't work. So the Elders helped us out and we took it to a shop. Everything seemed to be going okay so we didn't worry too much about it. Then, when we were riding to church yesterday, I looked down at my wheel and saw that it was completely flat and that the tube was coming out! So long story short, Mom do you think you could transfer some money in to my account so I can buy a new bike? :) 
   So here are the pictures of my foot you've been waiting for. They really aren't that bad but just a little bit gross. My foot is completely healed and everything is great so no worries there :)
 I'm sorry that this email is so short! We don't have a lot of people that we are working with so this week is going to be full of finding. Wehoo! I'm excited to get things going here and hopefully have some success. Apparently the sisters here haven't had a baptism since about a year ago, so Sister Lee and I are setting goals and are ready to work. I know that there are people here who are ready to accept the gospel and I am grateful for this opportunity I have to serve here. 
  Thank you guys for all of your love, prayers, and support!! I promise I'll be better and writing more interesting things; stuff about our investigators, the area, and the things that I am learning. I hope you have a great week!! I love you!!
Sister Wilde

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