Tuesday, November 18, 2014

End of First Transfer! Happy Birthday Dad!! - November 3, 2014

Hey Family,

  First of all, happy birthday dad!! And happy birthday to Millie on the 23rd! Sorry I missed it last email. But it sounds like you guys had a great Halloween! The costumes look awesome!! I can't believe that it was that warm! Apparently it was the warmest Halloween that England has ever had so something must be going on. It's been really nice this past week and I don't know how I feel about winter coming. I think I already told you but we had to go in early on Friday. We had district call-ins though and shared some scary stories. It was a lot of fun!
  Mom and Dad, I'm so excited for you and for your new calling! You guys will be awesome! And I have complete faith that you will do amazing things for the upcoming stake youth conference. What an amazing opportunity! What other things will you guys be doing? Do you work with other YSA advisors from other wards? I'm excited to hear more about it!
   Holy moly I still can't believe that Carley is getting married. I'm guessing they've decided on a date by now? :) And Janalee is already married! Crazy! Sometimes I feel like life is going to be the same when I get home but every week I'm reminded that it's not. Does Sister Smith get home this month? I can't believe that Megan Aston is home already. I remember talking to her mom and she still had about three months left. It's crazy how fast time can go by!
   This week has been really good! We had three lessons with Georgette and she is progressing really well. On Thursday I extended the invitation to be baptized! My first time! She thought that the date that we extended was too soon and that she needs more time. She said that they are given six months before they are baptized into the Baptist church to learn everything. We told her that we could go at her own pace and that she doesn't have to know everything to be baptized. She seemed okay with that and still wants to learn more. Unfortunately she wasn't able to come to church yesterday because she watches the children at her church and wasn't able to get anyone to cover for her. Hopefully she'll be able to make it next week! We are planning on having a couple lessons this week with her as well as with Cheezie. I'll be sure to let you know how many sisters he has and where his name came from :)
   It's transfer week! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be staying so I'm not that worried about things. We think that Elder Davis (stourbridge) will be the only one getting transferred from our district but I guess you never really know. Next transfer will bring more change because Sister Reidhead (stourbridge) will be going home and Sister Rasmusson will most likely leave as well. Today we are having district p-day! We are playing chairball at the chapel and I'm super excited. Last week we went bowling with Sarah, Becky, Spencer, and the Elders. It was so much fun! Nice to see that I still got it :) Well I hope that everything is going well for you guys! Mom those pictures are awesome and I'm super jealous, Maddie, Mitch, and Vivi I don't know why you guys are dressed up but you look super rad, and Dad you're looking mighty fine in that scarf. I love you all and I am so grateful for all that you do! I'm so grateful for your examples and for the people that you are. I'm so blessed! I hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Sister Wilde

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