Monday, September 29, 2014

Finally in the field!! - Sept. 29,2014

                                      My first fish & chips!

Hey Family!

   I'm so sorry that I didn't get an email out to you last Wednesday. That morning was pretty crazy and I didn't end up having enough time. We left the MTC around 6:15 and it was about a two and a half hour bus ride to the mission home. We were met by other missionaries and President and Sister Rasmussen. They are amazing! They have so much love for the missionaries and I'm excited to be able to get to know them more. Mom I got that letter from you with MaKell's letter. Thank you so much! You make me cry every time but it was great to hear from you :) 
   While I was talking to one of the missionaries and he asked if I knew a Braden Wilde. He said he was from Orem and when I looked at his name tag it said Elder Harris. It was Megan Harris little brother!! He's been out for 18 months and he remembers when we ate spaghetti at his house with weird utensils. Crazy!  He and his companion did a lot of our training that day and it was fun to kind of know someone. They gave us lunch and then we had a meeting with our potential trainers. While we were sitting there I knew that Sister Rasmusson was going to be my trainer. She's really cool and we've been having fun together. The work definitely hasn't been easy but hopefully we'll be able to find more people to teach soon. We only have one investigator right now so most of our time is spent GQing. (Golden Question/ street contacting) We do that as well as knocking doors. Most of the time people just brush us off but every once in a while someone will listen and it gives us that little boost to keep going. Hopefully we'll find someone soon.
   The first night that I got here we went and worked out with some of the members. Brother Bat is trying to be a fitness trainer so he is doing sort of a trial run I guess with the ward. It kicked my butt! I was sore for two days and it made walking around a lot less fun. But I totally needed it because the chocolate here is amazing and I've already eaten way to much. Hopefully I can send you some! There are four sisters and four elders in our district and they are all wonderful. Sister Francis from the MTC is will us and it's been great to be able to still work with her. We had our first lesson with Samuel on Saturday. He is a recent convert and was baptized about two months ago. We talked to him about general conference and about a living prophet. He's seems really excited and is anxious to watch it!
   The picture wall looks so good mom! I'm right where I should be, front and center :) Jk but I'm glad that it turned out so well. It sounds like the temple dedication was awesome! I'm sad that I couldn't see it but I'm glad that we were able to go through it before I left. We were lucky to go through the Preston Temple one last time before we left and I know that the temple is so sacred and special. I'm so grateful that we have with them and I can't wait to go again when I get back. That's crazy that there's been that much rain! It's rained once the whole time I've been here. What the heck. But it is getting colder so I'll definitely be needing to get that winter coat. Maddie and Vivi look so good! HOT DANG! I love seeing all of those pictures and others so please keep sending em this way.
   Thank you for all of your prayers! It's so humbling to get on to email and see that there are so many people praying for you and thinking of you. You're love is felt! I'm sorry I'm not the best at emailing but hopefully as I get into a routine things will get a bit more organized. I love you all! Talk to you next week!

Sister Wilde

Here is my new address:
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