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He Is the Gift - Dec. 8, 2014

Hello Family!

 It sounds like you guys have had a pretty exciting and busy week! It's good to hear that Maddie did well in her tournament and that everything went well for Carson and his concert. And what an awesome experience for the Dinehart family! It sounds like it was a very special and spiritual meeting. Way to go first ward!
  This past week has actually been pretty crazy for me as well. I got a call from President Rasmussen on Monday night, and he told me that we would be getting another companion on Wednesday. We're now a trio! Our new companion is Sister Urbani and she is from France. She will only be staying until transfers though so I will still be getting a completely new companion next week. It's crazy! Even more so because the Stourbridge sisters are still staying in our flat. Luckily we do have two bathrooms but there is definitely not enough space for all of us. Their flat should be getting fixed within these next couple of days so hopefully things will be able to go back to normal. The days are getting colder and colder and it gets dark at about half past 3, 4 o'clock. It's terrible! They said that snow is on it's way though so I'm pretty excited about that. So this week I will having my first Zone Conference! Woot woot! It's the Christmas conference as well so I'm pretty excited about that.
  Speaking of Christmas, can you believe how soon it is!! Holy moly! This month is absolutely flying by and I honestly don't mind at all. I'm so excited to see you guys! I haven't figured out the skyping situation yet but I will find out as soon as possible and let you know. Have you guys heard about or watched the He is the Gift video? If you haven't, please go watch it and share it! What a great way to share the message about the true meaning of Christmas. I'm so grateful for this time of year and for the Gift of the Savior. I know that as we discover, embrace, and share the message and love of Christ that we will be able recognize it more in our own lives and bless the lives of others. I love my Savior and I testify that He lives! May we remember the real reason for the season and try to be more like Him. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!! :)

Sister Wilde

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